Hello. My name is Justin Wilson and I am the owner and primary instructor for the Brentwood Maker Academy. I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this endeavor in our community.  I have been an educator and local business owner in Brentwood for over fifteen years and I have a diverse background that allows me to teach a variety of subjects. I  taught for both the Brentwood and Antioch school districts as a music teacher while maintaining a highly successful private teaching practice. My passion and path in this world is to teach and inspire students to achieve their very best. 


     Brentwood has been my home for the majority of my life. I graduated from Liberty High School in 1998 and became a professional musician early on while attending college. Playing professionally carried me through my time in college and into my adult life while allowing me to explore the wide range of job opportunities.  Through it all, I realized that what I enjoyed most was teaching music to students.  I now am ready to expand my teaching into the maker movement.

When I think about my own time in school, I know I was most happy when I was doing hands on activities. I have awesome memories of building rockets and flying model airplanes with one of my middle school science teachers.  My current students often tell me how much they look forward to hands on projects  in school, but admit most of their time is spent with paper/pencil work. My goal with the Brentwood Maker Academy is to help fill the void by providing building experiences that bring enjoyment to my students and to me.


In addition to playing music and building things, I like to camp, hike, and travel to places around the world. Ive been to several countries and Ive seen most of the U.S. I love to adventure and go fourth while being a force of the awesome.