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What is the Brentwood Maker Academy?

The Brentwood Maker Academy is a new and unique school that emphasizes hands on building techniques through the use of various tools to construct interactive working projects. The school is based on the STEAM curriculum and incorporates various concepts and lessons centered around science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. We combine building with learning to create  an inspirational and engaging learning environment for your child.

What classes are offered?

We offer a variety of classes that are divided into modules that run for ten weeks each quarter. We recommend that students enroll in the Engineering Unlimited class first, so they may gain necessary building skills that will benefit them during the modules. These skills can be anything from basic cutting, soldering and gluing, to design, time management and finishing. The Engineering Unlimited class runs for 10 weeks in tandem with the module schedule and consists of the same revolving set of projects. This allows a new student to join at any time. Once a student has completed this course, they will become eligible to attend the modules. Students who are in 3rd-6th grade will be required to attend the Engineering Unlimited class where students in the 7th-12 will have the option to join modules as they become available.


What are the class sizes?

Class sizes are limited to 5 children. 


Can I take one class a week instead of two?


Yes! You can take one class a week instead of two. The tuition will remain the same. Please know that our program is designed around the students attending two classes a week and attending one class weekly will result in falling behind on projects or not completing them. 

What is the cost and are there refunds?

Please call us regarding the cost for single student and multiple student tuition. Refunds are not granted for any reason after tuition has been payed. Should you decide to discontinue classes, or should your child be removed from the program due to behavioral reasons, we will not issue you a refund. Payments are final.

Can i receive credit for referrals?

Absolutely. The referral credit amount is $20 per student. Should you refer a student to our program, you will be given a $20 credit toward your monthly bill after they have completed their 1st month. 


Do you work with the charter schools as a vendor.


Yes. We are a vendor for Vista Oaks and Visions


How do I handle billing through the charter schools?


For Visions, You must buy vouchers prior to attending classes at our facility. They must be purchased and show the full amount and correct month in our vendor portal with visions before we can provide services. A credit card must also be on file with us so that we may take any prorated tuition fee and also to cover any missed voucher purchases. 


If you do not purchase a voucher and the month you have been attending ends, your credit card will be charged for the remaining tuition fee for that month. Visions does not allow vouchers to be purchased for past months.


For Vista Oaks, we submit invoices to their accounting department at the end of the month for payment. In short, we bill at the beginning of March for the February tuition. In both cases for Vista Oaks and Visions, we bill a flat rate tuition fee regardless of if you are able to attend all the classes or not. We will only provide this service for families with multiple students enrolled or for those who are enrolled in music lessons along with Maker Academy. As of June 1st 2020, we will no longer allow direct billing on our part with Vista Oaks for single student tuition. 


Are there sibling discounts?


Yes and No. Students who are homeschooled, and elect to have charter billing done through us will no longer receive sibling discounts starting at the beginning of the 20/21 school year.. If a homeschool family decides to use our card on file system and handle the reimbursement directly with the charter, we will grant discounts for siblings. The discount amount is $25 per additional student. Students who attend with siblings and who are enrolled in public school will automatically receive the discounts as their billing does not involve the charter schools and is collected on the 1st of every month automatically. 

What is the schedule?
Please see or schedule page for more information.

How do I pay?

Payments are collected on the 1st of every month using Square Card On File billing. Upon enrollment, you will be asked to add a credit card to our system and we will handle the automatic billing. A receipt will be provided if requested. A credit card must be on file for all homeschool students as well. This is to ensure that payment is received if an issue with the charter billing comes up.

What happens if we miss class?

There are no make up classes offered for absences. The only makeups offered are for classes that fall on a holiday. Should class fall on a holiday, the makeup class will be offered during the last two weeks of the 3rd month of the segment. This time period is usually reserved for break and holiday makeups.

We took time off between modules. Are we guaranteed a spot?

Enrollment is based on availability and is on a first come first serve basis. If you wish to enroll in the next module, you will need to fill out another contract before the previous module ends. Contracts can be accepted during the two week buffer period between module, but this should not be considered the best time to do so. It would be in your best interest to sign up and fill out the paperwork before the current segment ends, as this is the time when slots will become available and are offered to currently enrolled students.

What days are considered holidays?

The following days are considered holidays and the academy will be closed: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day,  Independence Day,  Labor Day, Halloween, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Can I stay while my child is in class?

We prefer that the parents not remain present in the class while we are underway. We have found that in the past when we have allowed it, the class becomes distracted and the students tend to not focus as they would if the parent were not in the room. As a courtesy to others, we ask that parents please remain outside of the classroom during class time.

What if my child has special needs?

Special needs students are certainly welcome. We do require that you meet with our instructors prior to signing up so that we may introduce ourselves and get to know you better. We ask that you, as the parent, be present to assist your child during class.


If you have one, rock it. We have a place for you. Just let us know ahead of time. Our facility is wheelchair accessible.

Private parties, events and special classes

We do offer services to accommodate events such as private birthday parties, boy and girl scout groups and private classes for individuals. Rates are based on group size and the services offered so please call us for more details.

What is expected of my child while attending class?

The academy is a place where everyone is equal and should be considered a space where students can freely express themselves without judgement from others. We expect our students to abide by a code of conduct which serves to better the overall experience for everyone. There is no judgement allowed for gender, race, religion or any other circumstances. We are all equal and this respect for others will be highly enforced. Should a student demonstrate bad behavior in any form, the student will be subject to administrative action. Administrative action will be applied in three levels. Level 1 is verbal intervention. Level 2 is a parent teacher conference and Level 3 is removal from the program. Should a student be removed from the program for poor behavior,  the parent is liable for the remaining cost of the module/segment and their credit card will be charged until the segment ends. Physical contact in the form of fighting is grounds for immediate removal from the program. If your child is prone to outbursts or behavior that may otherwise cause disruption or require special attention, we ask that you notify us prior to enrollment.


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