Homeschooled Students

We are thrilled to offer early classes to fit your busy schedule as a parent and teacher.

Yes that's right. A large portion of our program is attended by students who are from the homeschool community. We're excited to offer a greater degree of flexibility to serve your scheduling needs. If you visit our schedule page, you will see that we offer morning classes Monday through Thursday on top of our normal afternoon schedule. The morning classes are mixed age and the subject matter is the same between both classes.

We are currently working as a vendor with Vista Oaks and Visions In Education. 

As of June 1st 2020, We will no longer offer charter billing through Vista Oaks for single student tuition. If a family has multiple students enrolled with us, or is enrolled in both Maker Academy and music lessons, we will gladly take care of the payments through Vista Oaks and bill them directly. We understand that payments to various vendors can stack up quickly and that why we offer this billing service for families who have higher tuition rates with us. For those Vista Oaks students who are at the single student tuition rate, you will be required to add a card to our files so that we may collect payment on the 1st of every month. We will gladly provide you with a receipt that you can furnish to Vista Oaks for reimbursement. 

Families working with Visions will still be able to take advantage of our billing service regardless of tuition rate due to the fact that Visions caps their reimbursement allowance. 

If you do not see anything on our schedule that fits your needs, give us a call and we can arrange a custom set of class times for you.

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