Our Story
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Day one in the garage

When the ride started, we didn't have much. Four students, a garage and a few rockets on rainy Fridays. 

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Six months later

We've been open for business and we're located right in the heart of downtown Brentwood. Today, there is no limit to what can be accomplished here. We have competition teams, kids working to build a better community and everything in between. 

The initial idea began in a hotel room in Salt Lake City. I was working on the road as a software implementation engineer for a major corporation and I knew there needed to be a change. By this time in my career, I had been away from teaching full time for about eighteen months. I was following other professional interests, but they were beginning to wear on me. I started teaching again in my free time at the beginning of 2018 because I knew that I would soon leave the corporate world and go back to teaching. I was sitting in a hotel room with nothing but time to put my ideas on paper, and soon after I flew home, I quit my job as an engineer and went back to teaching full time. It went from an incredibly focused brainstorming crusade in a Salt Lake City hotel room fueled by Subway sandwiches, to coming home and putting my plan into action. A few months later I started in my garage with a group of students who all had aspirations to achieve great things. We built this movement and it expanded into a new location allowing the business to grow. I spent months prototyping projects and tweaking curriculum so that I could offer an awesome experience to the community for both students and teachers. Our unique curriculum is like no other and I am here to make a difference in the life of your child. Join us in the movement as we create a culture of limitless inspiration through interactive building!