You're probably wondering what makes us different. It's simple really. We put tools in student's hands. Our program is divided into multiple learning modules that span a variety of subjects including: science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, earth science, coding, model construction, electronics, aerospace and much more. Each module runs for ten weeks with classes being offered throughout the week. During class time, students will have the opportunity to build working, interactive projects. What sets our program apart is these projects are built from scratch. They are not pre manufactured commercial kits. Every aspect from the initial design to the completed project is undertaken by the student. A variety of hand tools and materials are also covered and used extensively during the building process. Our general class schedule is structured into a variety of age groups. We also provide more advanced classes where larger group projects are emphasized.

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We are essentially a Makerspace combined with a STEM inspired curriculum

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An mechanical STEM project for our after school makerspace program
A technology STEM project for our after school makerspace program. This project is an automate greenhouse.
An earth science STEM project for our after school makerspace program
An Arduino STEM project for our after school makerspace program

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